About DTL Projects

Within the framework of the DTL network, a separate projects organisation supports collaborative projects that fit the scope of DTL. This DTL Projects Foundation (‘Stichting DTL Projects’, hereafter: ‘DTL Projects’) offers a formalised structure to establish collaborative multi-party projects.

DTL Projects acts as a facility for the partners in the DTL network, allowing them to quickly formalise the conditions of a collaborative project. For instance, ELIXIR-NL projects are run under the Partner Agreement with DTL Projects. DTL Projects can also be used as a vehicle to jointly respond to calls of national and European funding programmes on behalf of a group of organisations within the DTL network.

DTL Projects offers the administrative organisation to support projects, based on

  1. a generic Partner Agreement that is open for new organisations to join,
  2. a generic Project Agreement Template, which is modified on a case-by-case basis,
  3. an EC-approved Linked-Third Party construct, allowing organisations to participate in European projects under a common umbrella.

DTL Projects is built on the former NBIC Foundation (‘Stichting NBIC’) and the NBIC Consortium, established January 2009. It constitutes an open consortium, established through bilateral agreements between DTL Projects and individual organisations. The Partner Agreement has already been signed by a large number of organisations. It contains a generic agreement regarding intellectual property rights and other conditions for collaboration. This legal framework has been worked out by legal representatives of the collectives of Dutch Universities (VSNU) and University Medical Centres (NFU), plus legal representatives from Industry. The arrangements offer maximal flexibility in terms of which parties are involved in a particular collaboration and can accommodate any funding source for the project.


The DTL Projects Foundation is governed by the Board of the Foundation (Professor Jaap Heringa, Dr Ruben Kok, and Merlijn van Rijswijk), which is supervised by a Supervisory Board consisting of:

  • Professor K. (Karel) Ch.A.M. Luyben (Rector magnificus emeritus TU-Delft, DTL Chair)
  • Prof. dr. C.H. (Chris) Polman (Amsterdam UMC – location VUmc, Dean Faculty of Medicine)
  • Dr J.E. (Ernst) van den Ende (Director Plant Sciences Group Wageningen UR)
  • Dr C.D. (Kees) de Gooijer (Chief Inspiration Officer Topsector TKI’s Agri&Food and Biobased Economy)
  • Professor A.T. (Guus) Schreiber (Dean of the Faculty of Earth & Life Sciences and of the Faculty of Sciences at VU University Amsterdam)
  • Dr. M.M.A. (Maurien) Olsthoorn (Corporate Science Fellow Analysis & Characterization at DSM)
  • S. (Sietske) Zagers MSc (Managing Director at ttopstart)
  • Prof. dr. A. (Anton) Pijpers (President of the Executive Board of Utrecht University)