About DTL Projects

Health-RI as the main organization, DTL-team focused on data driven life sciences

Since 2013, DTL assembled public and private partners in a national expertise platform for data driven life sciences. DTL focussed on shared solutions to deal with biological and molecular data in support of Dutch R&D in health and biosciences fields.

As of January 1 2023, DTL has bundled its forces with the Health-RI organisation, to establish a strong national platform supporting the future of data driven health and life sciences. The organisation harbours teams dedicated to establish the national data infrastructure for health, as well as a dedicated team focusing on the broader life sciences.

We aim to connect life sciences initiatives and public and private stakeholders from fields as wide as health, nutrition and agri-food, microbial biotechnology and biodiversity. As a nation-wide partner platform we are driven by the belief that secure and shared access to interoperable data among disciplines and stakeholders will boost scientific output and help create societal (including economic) value.


The DTL Projects Foundation is governed by the Board of the Foundation (Professor Jaap Heringa, Dr Ruben Kok, and Merlijn van Rijswijk), which is supervised by a Supervisory Board consisting of:

  • Professor K. (Karel) Ch.A.M. Luyben (Rector magnificus emeritus TU-Delft, DTL Chair)
  • Prof. dr. C.H. (Chris) Polman (Amsterdam UMC – location VUmc, Dean Faculty of Medicine)
  • Dr J.E. (Ernst) van den Ende (Director Plant Sciences Group Wageningen UR)
  • Dr C.D. (Kees) de Gooijer (Chief Inspiration Officer Topsector TKI’s Agri&Food and Biobased Economy)
  • Professor A.T. (Guus) Schreiber (Dean of the Faculty of Earth & Life Sciences and of the Faculty of Sciences at VU University Amsterdam)
  • Dr. M.M.A. (Maurien) Olsthoorn (Corporate Science Fellow Analysis & Characterization at DSM)
  • S. (Sietske) Zagers MSc (Managing Director at ttopstart)
  • Prof. dr. A. (Anton) Pijpers (President of the Executive Board of Utrecht University)